Saturday, July 27, 2002's early...oh well. saw a play tonight, and practically od'd on the amount of disgustingly cute kids in it. oi. i've come to the harsh fact that i will never like children enough to the point where i want my own. i'll borrow someone else's for a couple of hours (maybe), but that's it. okay. gotta go to sleep now. like that's gonna happen. i can picture my website (future) in my head, the way i want it and how it'll work, but i want it done now. plus there are aspects of it that i have no idea of to do, so i want to learn about those. now. yeah..... i'm determined now. at 1:53 in the fricking morning. at least i don't have work tomorrow/today. wheee.
anyhoo. gonna go. after i finish downloading my anime songs. ooohh. vandread...hehehe
night all, and take care

Friday, July 26, 2002

oi...getting tired...starting to like the word 'gratuitous' though. possible website name. hmmm....anyhoo. my enlightening comment for the night: go watch anime. it will take away all your social skills as you get sucked deeper and deeper into the fake, yet so wonderfully deliciously fake worlds, to the point where you refer to your truck as "the Bebop", and you swear your cat's either eating carrots or talking to you. amen. i am currently recommending Ceres, Vandread, and Hellsing (all five minutes that I've watched of it. it's that good).

okies. i think that's all. off to my dreams. ooohhhh....*scampers off to bed* hehehehe
night all
i'm sitting here, looking at my just bought Limited Edition Escaflowne:The Movie Collector's Box sitting here on my desk, and thinking how pretty it looks there.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

wheee....need sleep...but no work tomorrow, which means i'll be up until forever tonight. anyways, i'm trying to think of a new name for my *upcoming* website. if anyone out there who happens to stumble upon my interesting little niche in this vast cyber-thingee, and has an idea*suggestion*intelligent comment, please email me with it. i like getting mail. i'm at DirtyAngel299. and if you guys want to check out my poetry/angst, visit my old site at The Domain of Dirty Angels. see why i need a new name? yeah, thought so...
okay, off to sleep and dreams of nekky bishies with strawberries and cream....oooohhhh
night all

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

mmmmmm all i need are a nekky duo and a nekky toya and life will be near perfection....

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Monday, July 22, 2002

oi. hola everyone. finally installed Dreamweaver on my compy, and was playing around with it. Should have a site up in a week or two (wait...give me a month...hehehe), depends on if my friends and boyfriend end up helping me like they keep telling me they will. had an intereesting conversation with my boyfriend about what I was doing earlier. He didn't quite understand the term "bishies"
DirtyAngel299: *bows head* thank you god, for creating bishies for us to drool over, and for creating girls with the creativity to come up with more sexual positions for them than are in the kama sutra. amen
Etn150: hehehehehe, excellent
DirtyAngel299: you misunderstand
DirtyAngel299: the girls are coming up with positions for the two bishies
DirtyAngel299: one bishie=pretty boy
DirtyAngel299: 2 bishies= higher ratings
Etn150: oh, eeewww
anyhoo. gotta go to bed and sleep cause of work tomorrow. but then I get Wed. off, so that's a good thing. Hopefully the mice will be quiet tonight. The lady at the pet shop said they were all females, but there were some funny noises coming from the cage last night. Oi. That's what I need. more animals.
night all.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

god damn. i spent thirty minutes writing about my work (wonderful job, wonderful coworkers (more like friends)), my increasingly expensive renewed anime habit, and the fact that Red Dragon (with Anthony Hopkins this time) is coming out on October 4th. Unfortunately, no cannibalism (if they follow the book plot), but should be good nonetheless. Anyways...wrote about all that, and then the compy decided to reload the page, erasing everything. oi. bleh on technology.
Got my test scores back for my AP Humanities exam (Advanced taking a college course in high school). I got a 4 out of 5, which means I'm "well qualified". That boosted my day up.
Anyhoo...gotta work at 8:45 tomorrow, so night all, and take care.

Friday, July 19, 2002

okay...slightly better. had two completely different conversations with friends Flynn and Steve, both of which are insightful in their own special ways :) and helped me out with some stuff. now i get to try and go to sleep now. oi. I think what's getting to me is about twenty minutes before I found out, I was sitting on my back deck wishing on a star, and I wished that everyone could experience the happiness that I was feeling right then. I had a kick-ass day at work, it was more like hanging out with friends than work, and everything seemed to go in my favor today. And I wanted everyone to feel that happiness. And then I got the phone call. oi. i dunno. i love the experience of living at times, but whenever you seem to peak, something is there waiting to drag you back down. *shrugs*